About us


Romanian venture

Vellum Design is a 100% Romanian project born out of the desire to create decorative and functional objects in a beautiful and sustainable way. Our rugs are suitable for any kind of space.

Especially for dear places that define us and that respond to our complex needs of comfort and aesthetic, as well as sensory pleasure. Each rug in this range is manufactured with precision and care.


On demand, the size of the pieces can be custom-tailored to be smaller or larger.


The pieces presented here will decorate elegantly, discretely and tastefully, any kind of space, ranging from living or sleeping areas, to offices or even hallways. They can complement both a natural color palette, and a bolder one. Due to the material’s uniqueness, cowhide rugs are suitable for underfloor heating.


We recommend that you give each piece enough breathing space, in order to highlight the design and the carefully crafted details.


The refined manufacturing process contributes to the stylistic effect. The team’s expertise is reflected in the details and it brings extra distinction to each item.


The rugs from our portfolio feature attractive geometric patterns and are available in a variety of standard shapes or they can be custom made.


Tradition and innovation

We chose the cow leather for its natural, durable, unique and authentic qualities.


Because there are no two identical leather pieces, just like there are no two identical people. Each piece’s different chromatics and texture inspires us to create unique items, the same way they have been created since ancient times in Transylvania, an area with old craftsmanship traditions, using carefully selected materials, as well as state-of-the-art technologies and design.


Our work complements a sustainable lifestyle, by not allowing any part resulting from the animals’ sacrifice for food to be wasted.

We work carefully

We work with small batches and very carefully, including customized sizes and colors at the request of our clients. They can thus enjoy an affordable luxury product that becomes, over time and through everyday use, a unique elegant object, that is part of the aspirational vintage trend.


In the future we would like to also design small furniture collections and tapestries made from these precious pieces of leather. The cowhide we transform by leaving our mark becomes an elegant product which is practical and easy to maintain and it blends coherently with all design styles.

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